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  1. Factorio

    How about Wednesday evening, say, around 7pm central (8pm your time, assuming you're still in NJ)? We can get together, chat for a few minutes about settings, then get started. We can adjust the time/day as needed to accommodate you or Sent. Anyone else who would like to join is welcome as well. Is there anything special I need to do to join a multiplayer game?
  2. Factorio

    Ooopps, looks like I missed ya. I'm free most evenings, so feel free to pick a time and I'll join you then.
  3. Factorio

    I'm afraid I don't get the reference, but it certainly has gotten a bit more complicated.
  4. Praying for Las Vegas

    Ditto. Praying for healing for survivors.
  5. Factorio

    Sounds good. Let me know when works for you guys. If you've gotten the new science stuff worked out, I'd love to see it. I had a great science station blueprint, but that's outdated now. I also need to figure out how to join multiplayer games. It might do a bit of good for us to get an idea of how we want to approach our factory, whether bus system, trains, bots, or some combination of these. That way we're all on the same page.
  6. Factorio

    Sounds good. Let me know when works for you guys. I'm free most evenings. Btw, have you guys tried Space Engineers? It's a voxel based game similar to Factorio and Fortresscraft Evolved.
  7. Factorio

    Are you guys still playing? The update Sent mentioned added a lot of new content, including nuclear power. This would be a great patch for a new start. I'm neck deep in Fortresscraft Evolved, but I'm planning on giving Factorio another shot soon.
  8. Greetings from a friend of ages past.

    Hey Gen! Good to see ya. Hope you're well.
  9. Hi all!

    It's been a while since I visited, and I wanted to say hi to everyone. I've been focused on some things and haven't been paying attention to the outside world. Consequently, I just heard about the storm affecting the Houston area and wanted to check in with folks to see if everyone is okay. Hope everyone is well!
  10. Whereupon I win a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket...

    Congrats Mahl!
  11. An Old Friend

    Hail Obe! Good to see you, brother!
  12. Reaching out to you in a time of need, my friends.

    Mycosa, Vromus my friends, I'm truly sorry. I wish I had the words to lessen your pain. My own parents are getting up there in years, and I see them both becoming more and more frail. Having said that, my father still works harder than I do even though I clocked 5 hours of overtime this week. He's a hard working man who is as honest and decent a person as I've met. I look back at his influence on my life, even though I would go days without seeing him when I was young (yes, he worked that many hours), and I can't help but feel a profound sense of sadness at this generation full of young people who have grown up without a father. I feel like I, and perhaps many of us, have not lived up to the previous generation's example. Lots of blame is thrown around to this generation or another, but none of that sticks when we're talking about genuinely good people like some of our parents...like Mycosa's and Vromus' father. As the world plunges more and more into darkness, let those of us who have had good parents allow their examples and love for us to shine on through our actions and behavior. Now, more than ever, in the western world we need bright points of light piercing the darkness. Let us be people of good nature and good character not giving in to hate and violence, but setting an example for others, an example set for us by previous generations. And thank you, Mycosa, for reminding me to reach out to my parents more often. It'll be a heart crushing day no matter when my parents pass away, but I don't want to look back asking myself, 'What was I doing that was so important that I couldn't call my dad?' I'm sure your dad knows you loved him dearly, guys. If I can do anything, please let me know.
  13. Grettings from Doc

    Hail! I've run into a few folks from DoC over the years in D2, and always had good interactions with everyone there. Glad you stopped by. And congrats on 20 years!
  14. Pulsar: Lost Colony

    A bit of an interesting twist on a sci-fi game. Looks like a lot of fun. I don't have the machine to run this at the moment, but I'd love to get a crew together (up to 5) one day. http://steamcommunity.com/app/252870#scrollTop=0 Thoughts?
  15. Elder Scrolls: Legends beta

    Doubt I have the PC to run it, but hopefully AMD will release their new chip set soon. Let us know how it is.