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    New York, USA
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    Diablo III, StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, legacy StarCraft, Diablo II
  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Dracon!

    Who do I blame for that? Thanks, brothers! I also heard from our Swedish contingent on Linkedin.
  2. DII Again

    I will try to make it Tuesday. But I will be on later like around 8 p.m. HKW. Fortunately, I uploaded my keys to Bnet so I can download and install the game anytime. Giving it a try now.
  3. Hi all!

    Hey, good to see you, man!
  4. Season 4 End/ Season 5 Start dates

    I will be joining the left coast from the right coast at 8 p.m. EST, I hope.
  5. IRC links

    I downloaded the HydraIRC using the links on the forum. It worked great, so as someone just said, "all is well in the world, again." Thanks, Mahl!
  6. proposal: Season Champion

    Trebbie can come up with some prizes! A new chair perhaps....
  7. PTR 2.3.0 notes

    Are they making the gem conversions cheaper? I think 200,000 gold or more for one gem is a bit much. Thanks for posting this summary!
  8. PTR 2.3 Crusader - Hammerdin Set Video

    Nice bonuses on that set!
  9. Friday Gaming Groups

    Friday is good for me. Along with Thursday. But not Saturday. Games: D3, SC2 (WOL only), WoW
  10. I am back and moving!

    Hail HKW! Several events have changed my life considerably. Now I have a lot of free time, so I am back to the realms of WoW. I have joined the Westmarch Vanguard with two of my characters. I was able to resurrect one old character, the Paladin, of course, thanks to a Blizzard provision that allows me to resurrect one deleted character every 30 days. I am working on him to get him up to max level so I can join others on adventures past 100. I have changed his secondary spec to Retribution for leveling purposes and some dungeon crawling when I get to it. The other character is a feral druid and approaching 100 after a character boost. The moving part involves my Diablo III game license, which I am in the process of moving from one account to another. Thanks to Blizzard support, that should be done in the next few days, so hit me with friend requests on Battle.net at Dracon#1896, not the other Dracon name. I expect to ignore and eventually delete the old account. I had to leave the HKW Community, no offense, to make a smooth transfer process, but I will try to rejoin when I get Diablo III up and running. I was not in any Clans, as far as I know. With that move, all my games will be on the same Battle.net account (whew!): WoW, Diablo III, StarCraft II, and legacy StarCraft and Diablo II. I do have to get the expansion for StarCraft II, which I will soon-ish.
  11. Hail to the knights !

    Hail Lath! Lots of good ideas there. Keep up the good work on the EU servers. Stay with the Light!
  12. Hail to the knights !

    Hail Lath! Looks like all your talk about flying has done something. Devs have announced flying will come to Draenor! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/19800551/dev-watercooler-flying-in-draenor-6-10-2015 Listening to your youtube link now. Love it!
  13. Dracon is outta here

    Due to real life concerns, including his father dying, his aging mother and continuing illness of his wife, Dracon can no longer play video games. He has (finally, thanks to Blizzard Support) been able to access his WOW account to delete all his characters. Ironically, it was a hacker who stole his password, bought a realm transfer and a Draenor upgrade that allowed him access to his account. He can't remember the password for his Diablo III account anyway, but the characters may get deleted in the future. Please be assured that it is no fault of anyone he has played with or any other member of this group. Dracon has always enjoyed being a member of this group and his long association with this group as a guest is much appreciated. All games Dracon has been playing with you guys and gals are uninstalled, for now. Until he sees you again, fare ye well! May the Light guide you and protect you!
  14. Need White Ascended Bracers HC

    Yippie for Patch 2.05! No more ascended junk in my stash!
  15. Hammerader build

    With Patch 2.05, using the new passive skills (Fervor and Fanaticism) and a one-handed weapon with Justice and Blessed Hammer, plus Laws of Valor, the attack speed is unbelievable! I am knocking out enemies left and right at level 20 on hard difficulty. I prefer Akarat's Champion over other options because of the damage boost and the Prophet rune that restores you to full health if you take fatal damage. But other options are viable. I lost one of my first attempts at an HC Crusader at 58 because I didn't hit the Akarat button fast enough against Malthiel.