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  1. Factorio

    No worries, Val. We can try again a different night this week or next.
  2. Factorio

    Quite understood, Val! Oh, and it was a Rick and Morty reference. Show. Somewhat vulgar and gruesome. Rick is pretty much Doc Brown + The Doctor + 1000cc of existential nihilism. Morty is... his slowly maturing idiot side-kick. Jerry is an idiot who might not be capable of doing a solar system mobile without accidentally causing a war. I'm starting to get the hang of things again. I've got myself a secure base that I genuinely pity any biters that charge me in, and a decent factory for Red, Green, and Blue science. Not as compact as I'd like, but it seems to be pretty stable and at least reasonably productive. I've worked out a decent system for transporting oil products that even recycles the barrels. Now it's just figuring out the more in-depth stuff. I should be home tomorrow night if you want to check out what I've got so far.
  3. Factorio

    Okay, I've been puttering at this to get an idea of what all has changed, and... Let me just say that I was worried that I had gone from being a Rick to being a Morty. Guys... I'M A JERRY. God help me, I'm a JERRY!
  4. Factorio

    I've seen it, yeah! I'm more of a Avorion fan, myself, but it looks fun as well! I'll see when we can coordinate with Sentarius at some point. I've gotten pretty good at things prior to this Update. If nothing else, I'd love to show you guys my Grand Science Station. Right now, it looks like I'll be free Sunday evening. We had wanted to get some DnD played, but it looks like we MIGHT not be able to gather the way I had hoped. I'll check with the others on that. Otherwise, I'll see if I can reach you on one of my days I open rather than close. Factorio is a fun way to wind down from a busy day.
  5. Factorio

    Ooo... Sweet! I'd be down for that sometime soon! I was actually eyeballing it today. I worked out, from the last update, a working version of what I had lovingly christened "The Science Facility," and was wondering if it was still effective.
  6. Its Monday with Colm

    Colm! Long time no see! Give me a couple weeks or so, and I'll be glad to join in, too! (Probably mid- or next season, though...)
  7. I am back, better than ever

    Nice rig, mate! I'm hoping to get back into things soon as well; planning on gifting Vromus the Necromancer expansion on one of my paychecks at the end of the month and seeing if he wants to make a regular D3 night with me. Here's hoping!
  8. Grettings from Doc

    Huh! I think I've seen you guys on a few games over the years. Cool to see you are all still kicking as well! Any presence in D3?
  9. Greetings from a friend of ages past.

    Hey! I remember you! Dunno if you remember me much... but I remember! 'Sup, Genx!
  10. Hi all!

    So far, I've heard generally no difficulties from our Texas peeps, but seeing as I'm in New Jersey and am primarily focused on my personal hunt for The Situation (No joke, he ACTUALLY CLOSED MY FAVORITE GAME SHOP AND REPLACED IT WITH A TANNING SALON THAT HE THEN REFUSED TO PAY RENT ON SO IT CLOSED), I can't be called the best Harvey resource.
  11. 20 Years of Diablo

    For me, there are three moments, one with each game, that REALLY stand out. The first is literally my first memory with Diablo. I had picked it up as a Christmas present for my brother, Vromus, and was installing and testing it out to make sure our computer was okay for it, and the ambiance... to say that it was immersive to me doesn't do it justice. I talked to everyone, walked to the cathedral, and was immediately drawn into the Gothic setting. It was a feeling I look for in a good game; I knew I had found something good, even just wandering the first floor of the cathedral. Convinced we were good, I quickly uninstalled it and rewrapped everything, and prepared myself to watch my brother experience the same wonder. The second was in Diablo 2, playing with the guys, and Vromus joining in. I was playing my Druid at the time, and we were all running Nihlathak, when Vromus decided to catch up on foot. I can only assume that we did not do as thorough a job clearing out the entryway as we thought, because according to Vromus, he was swarmed under and quickly lost his character. I was FURIOUS. I immediately logged out, grabbed my bone-mancer, and logged back in to secure the area and destroy every possible barrier between my brother and his claiming his equipment. The field became a mass of bone walls and teeth and exploding corpses as every skeleton that could even possibly wake back up was wiped from the map. And that was BEFORE Trebain or Valrotha could get there. I don't see them as being less thorough; I was merely first. That stuck out, because there have been so many times over the years where my bumbling has lead to my brother having to do that same sort of covering maneuver for me. It was a good feeling to have the skill and ability to finally provide that same service to him, after a lifetime of my partner being my own backup. Lastly, I remember my first time playing through Diablo 3, and reaching Act 3. I was working through the catapults quest, and the first worm-thing leaped to the top of the parapets and spewed its demonic passengers onto the walkway. It quickly fell, and then... I saw the war below. The detail, the battles... COUNTLESS demons charging against an army. Siegebreaker swatting away at barbarians in the distance. For the first time in Diablo, this didn't feel like a dungeon crawl or a narrated war where I was TOLD there was danger, but had to imagine it. For the first time... I could SEE the war. I kid you not, I just stopped and watched and listened for a few minutes, taking in the sheer scope of it. I know that logically I wouldn't need to fight it. I know that logically it was all background animation. But... for the first time in the series, the threat truly seemed immersive enough to have me feeling like I was fighting for the WORLD, and not just for a treasure chest. That's it for me. Hope you all enjoyed.
  12. Testing thread creation

    Ever the comedian... :-P
  13. Comment back, Mortekai or Mahl, if you can see this.