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      Welcome to the new home of zakarum.net! Please look around and let us know if anything is out of place.


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  1. Happy Lunar New Year

    Year of the dog
  2. I bought a new Monitor - Asus MG248QR 

    This looks amazing!
  3. Zakarum.net Web Move Complete!

    The zakarum.net website move has completed! I wish to again say a thousand thanks and cheers to Mortekai, our previous webhost, who provided for us since the beginning of zakarum.net. Mortekai closed his webhosting operations beginning January 1, 2018. Wishing you all the best, Great One!
  4. Zakarum.net Move: Completed

    I believe all of the issues that we have discovered about the forums and web host move are now resolved. Forums now solely live at http://www.zakarum.net/forum Please let us know if you run into any troubles. Thank you for your patience these past couple of months!
  5. Zakarum.net Move: Completed

    A couple of things that will be fixed soon: Looking to find the missing profile images. Moving the web address of the forums from zakarum.net/forum4 back to zakarum.net/forum Please let me know if anyone run into any troubles. Thank you
  6. Zakarum.net Move: Completed

    Welcome to the new Zakarum.net! Our web host move is completed and our forums are freshly updated. Please take some time to look around for anything that might be out of place and let us know! Thank you
  7. Zakarum.net Move: Completed

    Okay the forums will be moving in the next 24 hours... this means the forums will be turned off and locked before the move and unlocked once the move is completed. It could take a day since the domain is moving to a new host.
  8. Zakarum.net Move: Completed

    Hi everyone. A thousand toasts and cheers to our webhost Microhost.se who has hosted us since the beginnings of zakarum.net. They are closing up their hosting services effective January 2018, so we will be moving to a new web host before then. Most likely this means a day of downtime for the web while the move is happening. I am currently aiming to do this on Wednesday December 27, 2017. I will post here and on Discord and Facebook, the status of everything. Thank you all!
  9. Hi all!

    Hey Valr! Hope all is well for you
  10. Praying for Florida...

    Hoping all are well
  11. Greetings from a friend of ages past.

    Hail GenX Glad you stopped by and sending you best wishes
  12. I am back, better than ever

    Welcome back!
  13. Its Monday with Colm

    So wishing to join... still buried in work for another week or so. Have fun and enjoy!
  14. Multi-tasking

  15. Hail Papa Gray,

    Love the new forum skin\performance!  Have to say, my brother, your contribution to our online presence over the years has been immeasurable. 

    1. Graywind


      Thank you! :D Still some work to do... ;)