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The Highwayman, Inspired by The Darkest Dungeon

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Dismas is a woodcutters son. At an early age he learned to shoot and hunt. His father always taught him to respect what nature provides. It was a tough and rewarding time in his life. Always work to be done to help his family.

His mother died giving birth to twin girls when he was 8. Between himself, his neighbors and his father, they managed to raise the little girls.

When he was 14 his father died in a horrible tree falling accident. Leaving him to provide for his sisters. That same season a horrible tree blight swept through their forest home, leaving little in the way of work for woodcutters.

Times were turning bleak by the winter and Dismas took to highway burglary. The very first incident happened on his way to sell their last milk cow. The son of a rich land owner was traveling the same road to the nearby town. In an unfortunate series of events, the cow was killed, Dismas injured, and the rich son was dead. All happened with no witnesses. Dismas, overtaken by his needs to provide and care for his sisters, took the purse of the young rich man and fled the scene. Without thinking it through very well, the local authorities were easily able to figure Dismas as a person of interest. The body of his family milk cow had his family brand upon it, leaving a clear path of pursuit.

Neighbor friends warned him just nearly in time to flee. He gave the neighbors all of the gold to care for his sisters. He grabbed his daggers and pistols and was on the run!

For the next 10 years his life as a highwayman became somewhat infamous in the towns and hamlets surrounding that blighted forest village. He helped pay for the neighbors caring for his sisters to move to a town and own a supply shop.

One particularly warm summer eve, he had a particularly close run-in with the local authorities, cementing his decision to seek adventure elsewhere.

Every month he would faithfully send a letter and money to his sisters. Until he traveled to a certain fateful hamlet with a horrible curse upon it.

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