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  1. After a lot of downtime that was the fall with school, work, and attempting to keep the house in order(a tall task with three kiddos) Winter arrived. Semester break which usually = more hours at work which should = less play time but for some reason having an "office job" with set hours makes finding time to play a whole lot easier and play I have.

    The idea was hatched that for Christmas this year TacoCita's brother would be getting a new laptop since his desktop is ancient and needs some major TLC. Her brother is 16 and is a budding Diablo fanboy, everytime he babysits our kids he hops on here and plays so needless to say with him getting a laptop I knew exactly what I was getting him as an accompaning gift. This festive atmosphere renewed my desire to play a bit more than I normally would have. So the big day came I helped him get his shiny new toy all set up, get big D all installed and he went to work. I didn't join him until a day or so later making a new WD to follow him around. He progressed pretty quick making it to Nightmare in a few days as did my WD.

    I haven't been able to catch him on in a while but I really liked my WD so I decided to travel out on my own only I wanted more of a challenge and have elected to run NM on MP10. Today was my first steps into MP10 with this guy and it has been a bit tougher than just regular NM and the xp has been good. have had some fun run-ins with some packs which is actually making me pay closer attention to how I play and actually give some strategy on the fly. I made it through the Skeleton King and that was a really good fight as far as NM goes. 10+ minutes of bopping, weaving, ducking, running, and attacking and down he went. It was quite more enjoyable than jsut playing NM straight up. XP was nice started at 28 and after the king sitting currently at nearly 35.

    Also a little bit before Chirstmas I got a big help from Mahl on my monk as I got through Hell and launched into Inferno. Boy do I have a lot of work to do on my monk! I am thankful to all the help I have received with him in trying to keep him alive.

    I guess that is all for now Here's to seeing how this MP10 experiement pans out!

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    blog-0392276001338015061.jpg...after a surprisingly easy final battle I defeated the normal difficulty.

    I took the long route in act 3, playing with several other players (yes, conviction and witchdoctors pets rock) and we had no problems puching through the act. In act 4 I had company for most of the act, but decided to stand toe to toe with Diablo on my own, which was far easier than i thought. Now on to Nightmare to test my strength anew!

    D3 Bolan3