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  2. Some people call it multitasking; I call it doing something else while I try to remember what I was doing in the first place. And I'm good at it!
  3. Season 10 Ending Soon TL:DR Season 10 ends Friday June 23rd @ 5pm PDT Season 11 starts Thursday July 20 @ 5pm PDT (note this is a Thursday as opposed to the typical Friday start)
  4. Greetings, Twice a year there is a ladder reset for good old Diablo 2 (end of November and end of May). Its a great time to dust off the old account characters, revisit old areas, touch base with old friends, and perhaps meet new ones that aren't bots! I usually main a necro on USEast Classic Hardcore Ladder, with maybe a backup tele sorc on USWest softcore expack ladder for kicks. The HCCL is without a doubt the most barebones, back-to-basics place to re-roll. The LoD ezpack has a lot more 'viable diversity', but ends up being a lot more forgiving. In the expack, sloppy play is only moderately punished and/or compensated for by insane +skill levels and ridiculous itemization. Its progression is also much more endgame item driven, requiring many more hours of thought and execution for a character build to flourish - time/effort that most of us cba to offer in 2017. This reset I'll be doing an initial push during the week and can then offer my services to start/rush some late resetters. I haven't formed an official reset group (schedule is too sporadic), but am definitely on the lookout for people to run with. Even if you just want to pop in/out of our games, need assistance, or wanna hang out over a beer or two, we'll be available most nights this week, and who knows thereafter. Generally, if you can make it to Duke/King and around lvl 60+ in HCCL, your name stays on the ladder the entire season. Its a very close knit and enthusiastic niche area within the D2 nostalgia. And BTW a HCCL King character in 2017 makes for a heck of a screenshot. This is usually less than a 25 hour time sink and possibly one of the last chances before they take away legacy bnet (although there is some hope for a D2 remastering). If you want some Diablo the way its meant to be played, look me up in game, account: Lufthanz Hail all - open invitation to HKW members. We def need some skilled pallies!
  5. According to PC gamer, Fallout 4 will be free to play for xbox live and steam players this weekend. Gives everyone a chance to play a really neat franchise game. without spending any hard earned cash. I gave played all of the Fallout games and this one is one of the best.; though Brotherhood of steel was pretty good too but it isn't free to play.
  6. I thought it was the beans he ate before they battle.
  7. Baal killed by a solo Paladin without attacking.
  8. Is anyone going to join me in For Honor? Season 2 is about to start, with two new heros
  9. My Doctor asked me if any of my family suffered from mental illness.. I said no, they all seem to enjoy it.
  10. Huge 0.15 update has been released!!!
  11. Charon, you should roll a Warden.
  12. UH BOY !!!!! I'm up here !!!!
  13. I rolled a Demon Hunter. Arrggghh!
  14. I'll be building a Monk as my alt so maybe I will level him with you on Saturday.
  15. OK. I won't be on until Saturday evening (most likely) but last season I found solo leveling pretty fast, so that's fine.
  16. I'm ok either way but, based on what I am hearing, we are leaning SC.
  17. Any further thoughts on HC vs SC?
  18. That was rad!
  19. Fladdery ran into an installation issue this week. This appears to be an issue that can happen and there appears to be an easy fix.
  20. The WD did not really grab me last season (obviously) so I'm going back to Crusader. I'll try Akkhan's and then probably go with hammers. I probably will not be on on night zero but have several free evenings in the first week. I'm OK with softcore or hardcore, just let me know.
  21. Season 10 starts in less than two weeks!
  22. Here is the invite link again.
  23. Hail Papa Gray,

    Love the new forum skin\performance!  Have to say, my brother, your contribution to our online presence over the years has been immeasurable. 

    1. Graywind


      Thank you! :D Still some work to do... ;) 

  24. While I generally go the HC route, I don't hold a lot of extended interest in running seasons once I hit that grind wall to find and tune the gear to run the high end grifts I think going SC again for me will hold the most return on investment as I won't have the time to restart in case of death. I may go the monk route this season.
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