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  2. How about Wednesday evening, say, around 7pm central (8pm your time, assuming you're still in NJ)? We can get together, chat for a few minutes about settings, then get started. We can adjust the time/day as needed to accommodate you or Sent. Anyone else who would like to join is welcome as well. Is there anything special I need to do to join a multiplayer game?
  3. TO WAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I can believe I did that. I thought the start was today Nov 16, I had the dates mixed up in my (old and tired) brain. I use google calendar for all my important stuff, I should have marked the season start date there also. Fladdery helped me up to Paragon 10 (thank you my friend) and then I got so lucky. In a normal difficulty game, a paragon 850 monk power leveled 3 of us in four greater rifts (level 70). I got 260 paragon levels in under an hour. WOW. Trebain, sound the call to war...
  5. Come join me in For Honor, even if just for four days. The free weekend on the PC is from November 9th at 9 am PST to November 12th at 12 pm PST. The links to download the game will be available on Tuesday, Nov 7. For Honor Free Weekend players will have access to the full game, which includes the Story Mode, PvP/PvAI Game Modes (1v1 Duel, 2v2 Brawl, 4v4 Dominion/Elimination/Skirmish), 16 Heroes and 16 Maps! Is the game perfect? No, it has some problems, primarily the peer-to-peer networking does cause some game crashes. Ubisoft is working on switching to dedicated servers. Also, a few of the characters have some balance issues. I mainly play in the 4 person PvsAI mode, so just four people in the peer-to-peer network and I rarely have connection problems. Early in the game's life, there were a lot more people playing, some estimates I have seen is that the player base is 10 to 15% of what it was after release. Attachments area Preview YouTube video For Honor Trailer: The Warden (Knight Gameplay) - Hero Series #3 [US] For Honor Trailer: The Warden (Knight Gameplay) - Hero Series #3 [US] Preview YouTube video For Honor Trailer: The Raider (Viking Gameplay) - Hero Series #2 [US] For Honor Trailer: The Raider (Viking Gameplay) - Hero Series #2 [US] Preview YouTube video For Honor Trailer: The Warlord (Viking Gameplay) – Hero Series #8 [US] For Honor Trailer: The Warlord (Viking Gameplay) – Hero Series #8 [US] Preview YouTube video For Honor Trailer: The Kensei (Samurai Gameplay) - Hero Series #1 [US] For Honor Trailer: The Kensei (Samurai Gameplay) - Hero Series #1 [US]
  6. ::: plays trombone :::
  7. Hey Char..... you ok?
  8. The wife is driving me crazy, please fix this game!! All this "quality time" is really getting old since I haven't been playing. She now wants me to watch Outlander or some other nonsense. If I knock this woman up because of this game, I will expect child support!
  9. HAHA !!!!!
  10. uh boy...
  11. When I was a boy my Mom would send me down to the corner store with 1 dollar. I would come back with 5 potatoes, 2 loaves of bread, 3 gallons of milk, a box of tea, six eggs and a candy bar. You can't do that anymore....too many security cameras.
  12. No worries, Val. We can try again a different night this week or next.
  13. Ooopps, looks like I missed ya. I'm free most evenings, so feel free to pick a time and I'll join you then.
  14. Quite understood, Val! Oh, and it was a Rick and Morty reference. Show. Somewhat vulgar and gruesome. Rick is pretty much Doc Brown + The Doctor + 1000cc of existential nihilism. Morty is... his slowly maturing idiot side-kick. Jerry is an idiot who might not be capable of doing a solar system mobile without accidentally causing a war. I'm starting to get the hang of things again. I've got myself a secure base that I genuinely pity any biters that charge me in, and a decent factory for Red, Green, and Blue science. Not as compact as I'd like, but it seems to be pretty stable and at least reasonably productive. I've worked out a decent system for transporting oil products that even recycles the barrels. Now it's just figuring out the more in-depth stuff. I should be home tomorrow night if you want to check out what I've got so far.
  15. So, Factorio supports up to a lot of players...I suggest that if you folks want to set up a regular play time I will hop in when I can. Being a new parent makes long-session games like Factorio really hard to find time for!
  16. I'm afraid I don't get the reference, but it certainly has gotten a bit more complicated.
  17. Okay, I've been puttering at this to get an idea of what all has changed, and... Let me just say that I was worried that I had gone from being a Rick to being a Morty. Guys... I'M A JERRY. God help me, I'm a JERRY!
  18. Ditto. Praying for healing for survivors.
  19. I join you in prayer, my brother...
  20. ::: bows head :::
  21. Sounds good. Let me know when works for you guys. If you've gotten the new science stuff worked out, I'd love to see it. I had a great science station blueprint, but that's outdated now. I also need to figure out how to join multiplayer games. It might do a bit of good for us to get an idea of how we want to approach our factory, whether bus system, trains, bots, or some combination of these. That way we're all on the same page.
  22. I've seen it, yeah! I'm more of a Avorion fan, myself, but it looks fun as well! I'll see when we can coordinate with Sentarius at some point. I've gotten pretty good at things prior to this Update. If nothing else, I'd love to show you guys my Grand Science Station. Right now, it looks like I'll be free Sunday evening. We had wanted to get some DnD played, but it looks like we MIGHT not be able to gather the way I had hoped. I'll check with the others on that. Otherwise, I'll see if I can reach you on one of my days I open rather than close. Factorio is a fun way to wind down from a busy day.
  23. Sounds good. Let me know when works for you guys. I'm free most evenings. Btw, have you guys tried Space Engineers? It's a voxel based game similar to Factorio and Fortresscraft Evolved.
  24. Hey Valr! Hope all is well for you
  25. Hoping all are well
  26. Ooo... Sweet! I'd be down for that sometime soon! I was actually eyeballing it today. I worked out, from the last update, a working version of what I had lovingly christened "The Science Facility," and was wondering if it was still effective.
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