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  2. Come Wednesday I will be rocking with the Highlander!
  3. The game For Honor is free to play this weekend. I urge you to give it a chance and see if you like it. If you do like it, it is on sale now for $30 (50% off).
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  5. I'll be in Discord if anyone wants to coordinate over voice chat.
  6. WHAT ??????
  7. Stop stealing Trebain's jokes, give them back!
  8. For my wireless, I just converted the old ASUS RT-N66R from a router to an access point. The only thing we use wireless for is our Republic Wireless phones. All the computers are hardwired with Cat5e, on Gigbit internal network. The Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter-Lite was $95 on Amazon. It took me a while to create the firewall rules for Stor and Eld, for the games they are playing. Was not too bad. I got the Arris SB8200 for $160 from Amazon on sale down from $195. It will do 32 down channels and 8 up (in DOCSIS 3.0) when DOCSIS 3.1 comes, just need one down and one up channel for Gig speeds. I do not need Gig download speed, I want the fastest processing of packets. I also got lucky in ordering the Asus RX 470 back in March ($160?). The stupid bit-coin Cryptocurrency mining has led to a shortage of graphics cards among many retailers in the U.S. Graphics card prices have skyrocketed since then.,34959.html
  9. Be honest. How many of you had to think about it for a minute?
  10. A Roman walked into a bar, held up two fingers and said "I'll have five beers please".
  11. Welcome back my OLD friend !!
  12. Dude. Your new modem is very, very nice. I just upgraded our modem last year and it has made all the difference for us here (Comcast/Xfinity in Olympia, WA). On, I pull a 10ms ping and around 250 Mbps down and 12Mbps up (our upload for Comcast in Olympia is capped at 12Mbps), which is nearly double the download speed I had before my modem upgrade. (Motorola SB7420, 16 down channels and 4 up channels). Also, I might have to steal your router from you. I'm actually in the market to replace all of our networking gear with a Ubiquiti system. What are you running for your wifi access point? Ubiquiti's are awesome. PS: I missed you, too!
  13. Welcome back!
  14.  After a five month period of playing For Honor, I am back for D3, Season 11. Softcore Ladder, starts Thursday 8pm Eastern. While I am just getting older, by better I mean my equipment. All of the following have been upgraded! GPU: Asus Radeon RX 470 4 GB (ROG STRIX) [upgrade from 5 year old AMD-7770] Disk: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD [upgrade from Samsung 840 EVO 250GB] Internet: Comcast Blast 75 Mbps down/10 Mbps up, with 24 channel bonding down/4 up [upgrade from 25 Mbps Down / 5 Mbps Up] Modem: Arris SB8200 (Capable of 1 Gig download speed, DOCSIS 3.1 and 3.0) [upgrade from Arris SB6141] Router: Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter-Lite - (1 million packets per second for 64-byte packets) [upgrade from ASUS RT-N66R ] Switch: Linksys SE2800 8-Port Gigabit (16 Gbps switching capacity) The key point in upgrading all the networking equipment was to process packets faster, not necessarily download faster (an important distinction). The online games we play are: 1) download a few packets 2) process them in the game 3) upload a few packets 4) repeat (as fast as possible) Also, there are three of us gaming in this house. I will be making the Zodiac Whirlwind Barbarian: Physical Bul-Kathos Variant. Trebain, sound the call to war! p.s. I missed you guys...
  15. I logged on fine...just a day short of the
  16. You should be good now, Trebain. Thanks for letting me know.
  17. Ok, did everything I think...but can't send messages... I see Char, Ascelon, Kel and Sapph... Can't send message thou...
  18. should get you access to the chat channels in the HKW server. should get you access to the Voice channels in the HKW server.
  19. Anyone else still playing Diablo II?
  20. Will be in nightmare softcore tonight. Colm nm//myfrog
  21. So wishing to join... still buried in work for another week or so. Have fun and enjoy!
  22. I'll be running a new necromancer for most of the day in Colm/myfrog if anyone cares to join. *edit Forgot to say its on west softcore non-ladder. send a haller to Colm_Cillian or just hop in. Runs over for the night.
  23. Some people call it multitasking; I call it doing something else while I try to remember what I was doing in the first place. And I'm good at it!
  24. Season 10 Ending Soon TL:DR Season 10 ends Friday June 23rd @ 5pm PDT Season 11 starts Thursday July 20 @ 5pm PDT (note this is a Thursday as opposed to the typical Friday start)
  25. Greetings, Twice a year there is a ladder reset for good old Diablo 2 (end of November and end of May). Its a great time to dust off the old account characters, revisit old areas, touch base with old friends, and perhaps meet new ones that aren't bots! I usually main a necro on USEast Classic Hardcore Ladder, with maybe a backup tele sorc on USWest softcore expack ladder for kicks. The HCCL is without a doubt the most barebones, back-to-basics place to re-roll. The LoD ezpack has a lot more 'viable diversity', but ends up being a lot more forgiving. In the expack, sloppy play is only moderately punished and/or compensated for by insane +skill levels and ridiculous itemization. Its progression is also much more endgame item driven, requiring many more hours of thought and execution for a character build to flourish - time/effort that most of us cba to offer in 2017. This reset I'll be doing an initial push during the week and can then offer my services to start/rush some late resetters. I haven't formed an official reset group (schedule is too sporadic), but am definitely on the lookout for people to run with. Even if you just want to pop in/out of our games, need assistance, or wanna hang out over a beer or two, we'll be available most nights this week, and who knows thereafter. Generally, if you can make it to Duke/King and around lvl 60+ in HCCL, your name stays on the ladder the entire season. Its a very close knit and enthusiastic niche area within the D2 nostalgia. And BTW a HCCL King character in 2017 makes for a heck of a screenshot. This is usually less than a 25 hour time sink and possibly one of the last chances before they take away legacy bnet (although there is some hope for a D2 remastering). If you want some Diablo the way its meant to be played, look me up in game, account: Lufthanz Hail all - open invitation to HKW members. We def need some skilled pallies!
  26. According to PC gamer, Fallout 4 will be free to play for xbox live and steam players this weekend. Gives everyone a chance to play a really neat franchise game. without spending any hard earned cash. I gave played all of the Fallout games and this one is one of the best.; though Brotherhood of steel was pretty good too but it isn't free to play.
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