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  1. My son and his mother live in Sarasota, Florida ... needless to say, I've been quite the 'basket-case' for the past couple days.
  2. Hail Gen! It's always a pleasure when old friends stop by! Here's your Chivalry post that still guides us to this day.
  3. Hail Papa Gray,

    Love the new forum skin\performance!  Have to say, my brother, your contribution to our online presence over the years has been immeasurable. 

    1. Graywind


      Thank you! :D Still some work to do... ;) 

  4. Pretty much gave up on World of Warcraft; completely unable to PuG the necessary raids to progress\complete Suramar campaign. Seriously enjoyed the World Quests, but just couldn't get past the 'Squirrel in a Cage' feeling (same thing, over & over again). Similar feelings with Diablo III. Mess with Hearthstone a bit every now and then.
  5. Welcome home! You have been missed, old friend ...
  6. Welcome to our halls Faerion! ::: Salutes :::
  7. Know how this feels bro; my father's passing came totally out of left field. Our lost people live on in our heart and memories Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. So sorry for your loss ::: Bows head :::
  8. Greetings all, Have been pretty much out of gaming since Padraig's (personal, self-built) unplanned retirement this past Christmas. Use a rather beat (not in a good sense) OEM laptop - my work system basically. High speed, low drag (lousy spreadsheet\flatfile\graphic rendering performance), office propaganda (Outlook FTW). Am thinking of replacing the CMOS battery on Padraig, new SSD and OS load as well; once harness connectivity\system functionality are confirmed. Kinda strange though, Padraig awoke on September 20, 2013 and apparently died this past December 26, 2015. <shakes head> Good tower, noisy, hard to move, incredibly stable once settled ... technology evolves quickly. Still, don't think installation of Diablo on the work system would be a real good idea. Just don't feel comfortable dropping approximately fifteen hundred on a laptop. Yes, figure optimum use of three (3) years; double-declining balance ... but still ... what the hell would I really use it for? Spend the majority (perhaps way too much if truly said) of my time on the work system. Miss having coworkers, hearing voices in the background white noise, feeling the basic presence of other people in relative proximity. IM or email doesn't get it. I miss the journey, striving with my guildies while exploring new content, regional questing; breadcrumb quest to explore Duskwood in Wow PreBC, getting your butt kicked by Stitches for the first time, memories of ancient's fights, Bloody, Cow, Baal, CTAs ... that sorta thing. The cross-continent race was also quite the blast as well. Damn, I'd love to come and play along just don't have the platform right now.
  9. Welcome to our halls, WolfCall. You'll find most of us found our way here pretty much the same as you have.
  10. Right interesting site; fairly accurate results as well:
  11. ​Just remembered something from yesterday's little adventure: One of the biggest hassles with system re-imaging (formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the OS) is making sure all the necessary driver files are present. ​Strangely, the Windows 10 installation didn't bother me at drivers ... say what? Okay, fine ... fire things up ... and I'll be damned ... right off the bat I note the correct\current video card and device drivers were downloaded and online! Swear to God I damn near fell outta my chair! Now this is cool ... it would appear Microsoft is actually starting to 'play nice' with the development community (hardware\software) @ large. ​For example my personal video card (frigging beast, heh - AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series) is most definitely not the latest thing, but still the correct driver\support files were installed and my display is completely functional. The Windows 10 interface is kinda weird, but what's life without a challenge; or in this case an opportunity to learn something new. <grin>
  12. Greetings all, My personal (Windows 7 Pro) system failed to wake from sleep this morning. Things got weird, finally attempted to restore from most recent backup; not a real good idea as things turned out. The system\backup restore failed with attitude: completely shot the Master Boot Record on my SSD. Oh 'Happy Day After Christmas' ... NOT. Fortunately I keep all my critical files backed up via cloud storage, so it was just a matter of flexing the old DOS muscles ( Download & create Windows 10 to a USB flash drive Boot of the USB Delete & recreate the hosed partitions Completely reinstall, tune & configure the OS and applications Not quite sure exactly what the hell I did to gum things up ... I'm inclined to believe Team Viewer, Skype and my company's VPN client felt mutual genocide was in order. Oh well, things could have been much worse ... could have lost the SSD as well as archived material. So now it's just the PITA (please don't ask me to translate ... this *is* a family-oriented forum) Strangely the Windows 10 installation went fine, as did the restoration of my graphics card. I just wish I knew what the hell happened, if for no other reason to learn from\avoid making the same mistake again. Merry day after Christmas
  13. Ah crud ... either WoW or D3
  14. Normally don't get home from the gig and\or self-torture until 7:30 - 8:00 p.m. (-06:00), Monday - Friday. Friday gaming for me at least would have to during the evenings (aside from holidays).
  15. D3 - Non-ladder, soft core Wow - End game, melee Paladin