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  1. I'll be in Discord if anyone wants to coordinate over voice chat.
  2. Dude. Your new modem is very, very nice. I just upgraded our modem last year and it has made all the difference for us here (Comcast/Xfinity in Olympia, WA). On, I pull a 10ms ping and around 250 Mbps down and 12Mbps up (our upload for Comcast in Olympia is capped at 12Mbps), which is nearly double the download speed I had before my modem upgrade. (Motorola SB7420, 16 down channels and 4 up channels). Also, I might have to steal your router from you. I'm actually in the market to replace all of our networking gear with a Ubiquiti system. What are you running for your wifi access point? Ubiquiti's are awesome. PS: I missed you, too!
  3. You should be good now, Trebain. Thanks for letting me know.
  4. should get you access to the chat channels in the HKW server. should get you access to the Voice channels in the HKW server.
  5. Baal killed by a solo Paladin without attacking.
  6. I'll be building a Monk as my alt so maybe I will level him with you on Saturday.
  7. I'm ok either way but, based on what I am hearing, we are leaning SC.
  8. Fladdery ran into an installation issue this week. This appears to be an issue that can happen and there appears to be an easy fix.
  9. Season 10 starts in less than two weeks!
  10. Here is the invite link again.
  11. Ventrilo has not been updated since 2014. I'm uninstalling it. I'll be using either the Blizzard Chat or Discord from here on out.
  12. I was having IRC issues this morning as I was getting ready for the meeting (as is to be expected) so I decided to see if there were any better options. Kiwi IRC has been pretty solid as a web-based solution but it was having a Connection Timeout that prohibited me from getting onto the server. So I fired up mIRC, saw that there was an update, and proceeded to update the mIRC client. After firing it up, I found that I could no longer get past the Registration/paywall. Back to the drawing board. After conducting a bit of research, I came across AdiIRC. It is less than 1MB. It is completely free, operating solely from donations. No registration or donation/paywall splashscreens/spam. It is actively developed. It has logging capabilities. It is fast. It uses very little resources. If you are having any problems getting onto IRC, give this client a try.
  13. Was having trouble connecting via kiwi IRC today and I updated mIRC and it is not allowing me to use it without paying for it (might actually have to get around to that) so I went digging for a different client. I found AdiIRC and it is FREE and so fast. It is actively being developed and it shows. As it looks like I'm stuck using it today for the meeting, I'll report back as to how it works.
  14. AWWWW YISSSS.... so good!!!
  15. "Haedrig’s Gifts Barbarian – The Legacy of Raekor Crusader – Armor of Akkhan Demon Hunter – Embodiment of the Marauder Monk – Inna’s Mantra Witch Doctor – Zunimassa’s Haunt Wizard – Delsere’s Magnum Opus These sets mirror the Haedrig’s Gift rewards from Season 6, so it stands to reason that we will be able to predict all of the Haedrig’s Gift lineups going forward, as the current Season 9 gifts are the same as Season 5 when the feature was first introduced. Conquests Sprinter/Speed Racer – Complete Acts I through V at max level in under 1 hour. On A Good Day/I Can’t Stop – Level three Legendary Gems to level 65. Boss Mode/Worlds Apart – Kill the following bosses at max level on Torment X within 20 minutes of the start of the game. Years of War/Dynasty – Reach Greater Rift Level 55 Solo with the bonuses of six of the following Class sets. Masters of the Universe/Masters of Sets – Master 8 of the following Set Dungeons. Primal Ancient Items Update Legendary and Set items will now have a chance to roll as Primal Ancient These items are much more rare than Ancient items and have perfect Ancient-level stats on all affixes, including the item’s Legendary Power Note: Primal Ancients will only begin dropping after a character on the player’s account has reached Greater Rift 70 Solo There are separate unlocks for normal and Hardcore characters, as well as Seasonal and non-Seasonal characters The stats on these items will be tailored to the character class you are playing when the item first drops Primal Ancient items salvage into 15 Forgotten Souls" I'd like everyone that cares about which realm (Softcore vs. Hardcore) we play on in Season 10 to consider thinking and voicing that opinion. We kinda tried to figure that out at the last minute for Season 9. I'm fine with running either, to be honest. I think that I will start the Season with a DH for that sweet, sweet Marauder set. It allows for very fast scaling and will be great to farm with. After the first week or so, I plan to level up a Monk for the sole purpose of running a support build for the first time. The buffs to the Inna's set in Season 10 should make the build even more viable in high-GRift group runs. One thing to consider for some is Primal Ancients. Currently in the PTR, Primal Ancients are gated off for only those ACCOUNTS that have completed a SOLO Greater Rift 70 in the specific realm (Season vs. non-Season, Hardcore vs. Softcore). While I'm sure that, theoretically, any of the sets in Haedrig's Gift in Season 10 can solo a GRift 70, there are definitely some of the sets that are better than others. I believe that Raekor's is one of the best. Marauder's is also awesome. That being said, both Akkhan's and Delsere's are getting buffed in Season 10 so they might be more viable than in the current season. And Zunimassa's might be much more viable if The Barber is finally tuned right (although it is likely that Helltooth will still be superior). What do you all think about Season 10?