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  1. Rapidly? I have arrived ....
  2. You can have as many as you want, you will never catch up to me! Happy B-day!
  3. Ha ha .. what a putz ... Happy Birthday :-D
  4. That was awesome guys, thanks for the run
  5. Wishing you all the best today
  6. Little bird over on FB claims its Sent's B-Day! Have a good one my friend
  7. Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your day with friends and fam
  8. Grats bud!
  9. And just me ...
  10. ... from Mahl and an undead crusader
  11. From Amma, Larkin, Char and Shad
  12. Happy Birthday my friend, take a little time to yourself today and do what YOU want to do!
  13. To our one and only birthday greeter, all the best on your birthday!
  14. Thanks everyone, been goofin off with a GoPro H3+ that I got, pretty amazing little camera.
  15. Keep your finger off of the windows key .....