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  1. I am feeling a bit lonely playing Warframe, so is anyone else playing it by any chance?
  2. Of course we can see it! Are you implying we are getting old and...where am I and how did I get here?
  3. Took a break an created a DH just to test the Gem of Ease. It was quick up to 50 or so, then it slowed down considerably. Still, I can do T1 rifts with ease now, even with crappy gear
  4. There we go. full setup achieved. Now I need to upgrade all the gems (gogok, taeguk, Gizzard + emeralds and diamonds). Then I just need to find upgrades for everything
  5. just one piece to go now....the elusive belt
  6. Focusing on upgrading the gems now and to locate the last 2 pieces of Innas. Got both Sunwoku and Rainment shoulders today, so I feel close
  7. Been a while since I played Monk, so what should I change in this build and why?
  8. I don't have the stomach or patience for HC Maybe when my playtime increases or my age grant me wisdom and patience
  9. Title says it all, anyone still on SC that I can enjoy some time with for season 3?
  10. I have it, but have not played much.
  11. I will join you in SC
  12. How about this in reference to T&T?
  13. Thanks Sent, that's a good point!!
  14. Puh. Took several days before I finally got the whole Marauders set (still works with 5+royal), but now it's there Tried to gamble for the chest with no luck and then today when doing T6 rifts I got a nice drop stream (15+ uniques, 5 green in 1 hour!) and there it was Now I need to gear up on emeralds and start hunting for Tasker and Theo for that 40-50% speed increase for pets/sentries... Still need to figure out what part to keep and which to toss to raise the low damage (Considering Natalyas Slayer + ring or helmet for those noce +250 dex, +7% crit and +20 max discipline)... Best part is that my son Benjamin also have his set and we now destroy in T1-T3 together