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  1. You need a bit of Google Adwords I couldn't find it hehe
  2. Hehe it's going great as well! Very much in love, I think I have a thing for german girls lol. My GF is coming back to Mexico next September and in May I'll probably be moving overseas for my Master's. (Learning german is rough I have to say... but oh well that's where my weekends are focused now) Lots of stuff going on! I also miss you guys terribly, lots of nostalgia just erupted in my mind. Those adventures with the Westmarch Vanguard *how I waited until 12am that day to buy the darn bundle with the WoW expansion so I could join you*, the clone battles I had with Twebby in D2, sheesh we had a pretty good run. I might come back someday as an active member, but I'd be lying if I said I could attend meetings and activities as well as I used to In the meantime... *Luzbel walks to the lake* *Luzbel whistles* *LEVIATHAN TROUT APPEARS!!* *Luzbel wields it* *Luzbel proceeds to slap everyone silly before running away in panic*
  3. Hello everyone. It's been a long time. It seems fate has brought me back to these halls after a long, long absence. As it happens with many of us, real life often leads us astray in this online adventure. I'm happy to see many familiar faces still roaming these halls. Also, I'm gladly surprised to see Mahl Arannis take the mantel as captain... many great knights have bore the title before. HKW is still a small but pretty cohesive family and I'm happy to see it remains that way. I hope the trout supply is as good as ever! Besides the usual greetings I wanted to give you a few updates on my life in the time I've been absent. I published my book "Angel Prophecy" on November 2013, happy to report that it went to the top 5 of bestselling children's fantasy books on Amazon Mexico. Many of the stories were in part inspired by the numerous fanfiction that I published here and the adventures I shared with many HKW members. Life has also led me to a great job in Public Relations for PlayStation here in Mexico, and coincidentally out of nowhere Blizzard representatives will be coming the following month to present the Diablo 3 Expansion: Reaper of Souls for PS3 and PS4 with a lot of media right here in my office. I will be hosting the event and I couldn't help but remember each and every one of you when I got those news. I'll be sure to tell the people in Blizzard to take a look at this site... the people here have made something truly remarkable, more than a gaming community a true guild based on friendship and not on simple gameplay. I'm proud to have been a knight with all of you! I promise to send a few pics! It was great to come back at least to tell you these news. Receive a warm "Oo Oi" from your brother that never forgets! Hail! Luzbel
  4. Today it made it to the top 15! I can only say... Oo Oi! And don't worry guys, it's coming in English next year, hopefully by May!
  5. The world was a heavy, nasty place. After the battle with the Prime Evil the order of the Paladins had remained in Westmarch, while the world slowly recovered. Luzbel had left the halls of his ancient home to roam the world. Now that evil was almost gone, he was thirsty for adventure. The half demon recorded everything that he saw, writing avidly in the blank tome Kalandorno had gifted him ages ago until the very last page had been written. As he scribbled that last line, he could see the monastery from afar. His armor was rusty, but he had finally kept his promise. The last line in his journal was his mission and he had fulfilled it: "A warrior never gives up his dreams, he makes them a reality." Brudders and sisters, I just came by today to give you the results. My book "Angel Prophecy" got out last week on Amazon and it made it to the bestselling fantasy book list. I know most of you heard me rambling about the Paladins and their adventures more than once so I wanted to share this with you Hope you can buy it sometime in English. And sorry also for missing so much attendance, I deserve a good trouting.
  6. Im up for crafting topazes all the way if you need to
  7. If you have something with poison that could help too brudder. My sorc can't handle direct spells on those things but poison hydra works marvels. If you could hold your wind up it could very well work, also your Serenity can absorb that damage so you could use a hit and run strategy.
  8. Huzzah and mega Oo Oi! Almost 15 years of brotherhood! Congrats HKW!
  9. Me brudders, once again I wont be able to make it, my sis needs help with some medical files and I'm going to work as her secretary *lol* for a few hours. Someone tell her about leaving homework for the last minute. Sorry, have a great meeting brudders!
  10. Builds and Feedback

    After dabbling for a while I've decided to go a lot more offensive this time. Hundred Fists / Fists of Fury Tail Kick / Scorpion Sting Serenity / Peaceful Repose Exploding Palm / Flesh is Weak 7 Side Strike / Sudden Assault Conviction / Overawe Lets see how we fare with these.
  11. I have another 3 and one for WoW if anyone needs em. By the way... is Diablo 3 going to cost a subscription just as WoW?
  12. Me brudders, it's confirmed! Luz got his copy, Luz is back in action! Great to see all of you, and it will be even better to bleed and fight beside you my brothers!
  13. Brudders old and new, the time for a new adventure has begun. My demonic armor has gotten rusty but it still beckons me to slay demon spawn. Hopefully (if my mom could get it for me) I will be having my own D3 copy by tomorrow night! If not, I'll have to wait a month or so until the Latin American release of Diablo 3. If there are any of you that already play it... how is it?!?! Do tell!! Time to kill some vermin!
  14. Hey Brudders! Just came to say a quick hello and send a big BD cake to the HKW HQ. Happy Anniversary to the best band of brothers ever and... Oo Oi! PS: Treb, I'll be returning soon, you better not mess with my chair!
  15. He's me brudder!