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  1. Hiya kiddo .. long time no see.

  2. grats hun! lol at game pass
  3. i cant think of anyone id rather have seen that promotion go to....i was rooting for ya :)

  4. welcome to the forums hun you hook them up for east, ill hook you up for west
  5. *1st to spam teh comment box*


    welcome to the forums hun

  6. not gonna be able to make hchc this week, sorry posting out on such short notice, thought i was gonna be able to
  7. just not been feeling well lately

  8. Hows the climate treating you?

    Or have you burst into flames already?

  9. trebs just mad someone tied the gravekeeper to his chair....... welcome back hun!!
  10. *sneaks a sandwich out of refrigerator and runs*

  11. Good evening\morning pretty lady! Am burning the midnight oil here and just happen to stop by!

  12. the link is clean, it's posted on my msn site so theres no trashy adult adds and everyone can view it Mother Earth: Goddess Of The Ages