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  1. I have been contemplating about coming back to wow but have not pulled the trigger yet. I have just recently started playing League of Legends and I am liking it a lot, there as so many heros to play its crazy. I still holding onto HoTS and completing the daily and weekly brawls.
  2. Aha, I finally found it. Let me know if anyone else received this invite and we can try it out.
  3. I received an email from Blizzard saying that I was picked for the new Voice chat that they have created. Yay Me!! They told me to open the Bnet app and there should be a message prompting me to install but I cant find anything. Has anyone else been invited for this Alpha Testing? If so, where is this message?
  4. I gave it a whirl and this is what i got: Thanks for sharing.
  5. I am up for anything on these nights. I would not be able start until around 8 pm Central.
  6. Ohh Boy! I am now excited!
  7. A few of us Alpha and Beta tested. I think the talent tree is absolutely great. Endless Possibilities. I have not played in awhile but would give it go again.
  8. I have bought my last 2 computers from I have no complaints, they are fast and all I have to do is turn it on and I'm ready to go. They are also priced very good and you can customize to whatever your need.
  9. Sounds great!! I probably wont be able to join the party until 8pm central time due to possible wife aggro because of kids.
  10. Char, good thing it sounds good to you because we all know you cant see that well.
  11. Mahl and I ran thru some of the new patch last night and we noticed a few things. The attach speed of the elites and champ packs have been increased. We noticed that mallet lords will strike extremely quickly (running HC with Mahl makes me nervous enough). The frozen, arcane, and other abilities seemed to be cast upon hitting the enemies.
  12. How can you even read the little print? Oh, wait you have the large print enabled!
  13. Happy Birthday to me.
  14. I just received 4 beta keys. If anyone is interested in playing the Heroes of the Storm Beta please message me and I will send you the key.
  15. I'll be ready Monk style