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  1. Checking in to see if everything works
  2. Sorry Fladd, power just went out sent from my cell phone
  3. thinking about running a barb and/or a witch doctor
  4. gonna be up for it this sunday
  5. I got it from you, now i need to find 2 people that want it
  6. I want the 2k gold so if you don't have it, tell me i Will gladely give to you
  7. alright I THINK I made my choices you guys tell me what you think, i think the mobo has a smart overclock on it so no destrying things ;P. For the ram, they don't carry G.Skill so went with kingston, hope they don't deceive me again, had mine fail after 1 year one time, they are lifetime warranty so i guess if they fail i will just make an RMA, can't go past that bang for buck on those and they leave me with 2 more slot to expand later...... Motherboard: gigabyte ga-z170x-gaming 7 CPU: intel skylake core i5 6600k Memory: Kingston hyper X Fury black 16gig, 2666mhz cl15
  8. Alright, now is the time, got my GF to accept that i change mobo, cou and ram in my system, currently running an nforce 780i SLI mobo, intel core 2 duo e8400 cou and 4 gig of generic ddr2 ram. so with that said the thing i want 100% is ddr 4 at least 16gig, no question about it, i got caught last time when ddr3 just came out and got ddr2, when i wanted to updrade the ram the ddr2 price was way high and ddr3 was dirt cheap. Also ddr4 is about the same price as ddr3 lately. I want a rock solid MOBO, i want that thing to last, i expect it to last as long as this one (8-9 years) i do not care about overclocking because i am too afraid to frell things up and ruin my pc even tho i know that there are safety features. if someone want to take me by the hand and guide me trough overclocking i might go for it. SLI is not a mandatory feature but if it comes standard i will take it, never know when i upgrade gpu i might get 2....... i was looking at the i5 6600/6600k if overclcoking, tom's hardware recommends gigabyte z170-hd3 mobo for socket 1151, for ram i am not too sure, i heard g skill and mushkin are making nice ones at low price, i might go for them. shoot your opinions, my case is a fractal design define r4 blackout edition if you wondering about form factor. Thanks
  9. ptr is legendary galore!!!!!!
  10. thx everyone, been very busy lately, as you can see with my char not even 70 yet lol, will catch up pretty soon
  11. will go for wizard here and maybe barb if time allow
  12. HAPPY BELATED Ascelon!!!!!
  13. going dh here
  14. Gratz!!!
  15. i feel sorry for you guys