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  1. Welcome back!
  2. So wishing to join... still buried in work for another week or so. Have fun and enjoy!
  3. Hail Papa Gray,

    Love the new forum skin\performance!  Have to say, my brother, your contribution to our online presence over the years has been immeasurable. 

    1. Graywind


      Thank you! :D Still some work to do... ;) 

  4. Hopefully he will be able to access the forms now
  5. Oh is it not dark by default? I'll look into that...
  6. We now have a dark theme. This is the same theme from the old version, but ported to the newest forum version. I will work on adding in our more custom header images and HKW Griffon.
  7. I finally found my screenshot
  8. Awesome!
  9. Last week I hopped onto Diablo3 onto my season 9 crusader and did some random T5 bounties. Found a "squirrel" and wow! a yellow portal! This was my first time into the treasure vault... I smashed up everything I could find.... wow! No one was online to join my game and share in the treasure Good luck on your treasure finding!
  10. This is a week late, but hope you had a great birthday!
  11. Happy belated! Hope it was a fantastic day yesterday!
  12. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a great day yesterday!
  13. Hope you have a great day! And hope you have it off work
  14. I have a plan for the rounded avatars. I can change that to be circles or even a much more decreased rounded border. The bigger issue is that the forum converts and enforces a square now of 90 x 90. This looks to be more baked into their code and not exposed at all anywhere. Our previous forum software at this set to a standard that used more of a portrait dimensions that were 90 x 110. Most of us have our names or tops chopped, but also the large rounded border makes them look like circles so even more things are chopped.