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Found 1 result

  1. As noted in the Captain's Corner of the April 2015 meeting, I wanted to recognize some of our Members and Companions that accomplished something notable but less recognized. The obvious downside to this is that many of things are not "score-carded" anywhere and must be observable. Being only one person that either a) doesn't observe everything that happens in every game and is incapable of remembering half of the things I do observe, I miss recognizing the bulk of accomplishments that do happen. What I'd love to see is members post here if they would like to either be recognized or recognize another for a Season 2 accomplishment of some sort. Titles I bestowed for Season 2 only: Trebain the Invincible; Mahl Arannis the Invincible (zero deaths) Fladdery the Overachiever (most Achievement points) Tristan the GRifter (highest Greater Rift completed) and Nojoaf the Hardcore Solo GRifter (highest Solo Greater Rift; highest Hardcore Greater Rift) Bearden, Nojoaf, and Mahl Arannis are the Fearless Three (completed Torment 6 content without being "pulled") If you or someone you know accomplished these or other notable things, post here. For example, Trebain mentioned that he was also the Vault King with 9 Season 2 Greed's Vaults cleared: Trebain the Vault King In addition to tooting our own horns a bit, I feel that this will also help us remember the Season for posterity. Please note: Titles may be of a funny nature but please make sure to exercise a little extra sensitivity. Mahl the Guildie Slayer is perfectly acceptable to me; others might take it personally.