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Patch 2.4 - The Barbarian Army Awakens

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So I saw THE movie this afternoon with Stor and Eld, and I ripped off the title for this thread... (I loved the Movie!!!, but on to the PTR review)

I have bee playing with the Public Test Realm.

I played a Seeker Crusader last season, it was fun but, the improved Seeker of the Light set is doing a lot more damage now, I highly recommend it if you want to play a Crusader. I got to greater gift 55 with my character, that had leveled off at Greater Rift 40 in patch 2.3.

For the new season starting Jan. 15 I will me doing the Leap Quake barb. I have had a lot of fun testing it out.

Might of the Earth (MotE) Set , except for boots

Boots: Lut Socks,

Belt: Dread Iron - Ground stomp causes an avalanche

Bracers: Skular's Salvation

Weapon: Blade of the Tribes - Warcry and Threatening Shout cause and Avalanche and Earthquake

Ring: Band of Might

Ring: Ring of Royal Grander



Ground Stomp

Threatning Shout - Falter


Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss

Leap Attack

I am up to 300 Million toughness!

I am level 38 on the PTR - Solo barb leader board, with a Greater Rift 56.

For a discussion on the huge damage of this build, see this thread:

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